Divine Mother - Amma

Amma Standing Side By Side With Shirdi Sai Baba

The above photo shows something that cannot be understood at the mundane level of human consciousness. A careful appreciation of Truth reveals that in the world of the Divine, only The Goddess can stand beside God during aarthi in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. This is not a matter of philosophy - it is a matter of Truth. Such is the same Truth that enables Amma to sit in Sathya Sai Baba's Chair, receive aarthi and reveal Her indistinguishable Unity with Her Lord Shiva.

Below is yet another sharing that relates more of the nature of Amma's Avataric nature as Goddess incarnate with Lord Sai.

What Is Broken Is Not The Brick, It Is My Fortune

A Guntur devotee approached Amma with the hope of fulfilling his desire to build a temple for Shirdi Baba. Amma gave Her consent for the building of the temple to proceed, but told him that he must first receive the blessing of Sai Baba. Amma instructed him to take a brick for blessing and go for Sai Baba’s darshan at Whitefield. In the darshan hall he was given a seat in the front row. Sai Baba walked through the hall collecting letters and when He reached this devotee He smiled, raised His eyebrows, and asked, “Is the brick meant for the construction of the Great Old Man’s (Shirdi Baba’s) temple?” To this a silent expression of “yes” was given, thus marking the beginning of the temple project!

According to Hindu customs and traditions, a havan was held on Amma’s birthday for the construction of Shirdi Baba’s temple. Amma Herself supervised and guided all through the ritual. On Eswaramba (Sai Baba’s mother in physical form) Day, the construction engineer had marked the ground for the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. Amma arrived at that spot and indicated that the sanctorum should be built 200 meters away from the existing markings. As per Amma’s wish, the markings were changed and the digging of the earth began. As the earth was being moved, the labourers discovered on this spot eleven pots of vibhutti with pleasing fragrance. On bringing this to Amma’s notice, they were asked to put them back to the place where they were found. The pots were covered by red earth and the sanctorum platform was constructed on it.

There are two points relating to Sai Baba’s blessing of the brick and the subsequent ceremony which warrant further study. Firstly, we should note that Amma has always referred to Shirdi Baba as “that Great Old Man.” By using these words in blessing the brick for the temple, Sai Baba was once again illustrating Their Oneness. The second point of note is that Amma had sent to Sai Baba for His blessing a silver icon of the Sri Chakra, specifically created and impressed with all the respective detail. This was duly blessed by Sai Baba and returned to Amma for the above described service. During the service, the Sri Chakra was placed in a special opening in the floor of the sanctorum, just before the feet of Shirdi, and, as such, above the pots of vibhutti. The two were once again united in Principle, but not form: The vibhutti of Lord Shiva and the Sri Chakra of Rajarajeshwari.

At this point we return to the earlier stated Naadi Granthas slokas of Lord Vishnu and the God Varuna which reveal dimensions of Amma’s Truth that pertain to these events. Through them we are led to explore and discover the profound expression of this Truth found in the unfolding of certain events, past and present, to which now turn our attention.

16. Close by the spiritual centre of Amma, there is a presence of Venugopala Swami. Amma should have the darshan of this. Then only Amma’s Truth would spread everywhere.

Lord Purushothama (Vishnu) said the above

17. I shall help in spreading the Truth of Amma.

God Varuna said the above.

We have already made mention of how the fulfilment of these two statements has been made manifest by way of the drought in and around Mysore City in 2002. This drought caused the waters of the river Cauvery to recede considerably, revealing as it did so the Venugopala Swami (flute playing Lord Krishna) temple which had been submerged for so long that none knew of its existence. Further substantiating the above are the following events and interpretations relating to this newly discovered temple and the leela of the Avatar who is now connecting His temples, His bricks, the fulfilment of these sacred slokas, and the revelation of Amma’s Truth in this age.

In relating this series of events and the deep meanings we may interpret from them with the assistance of the Divine Mother, we begin with the visit of Amma’s son, Sandeepa, to the newly exposed temple spoken of in the Naadi Granthas. Sandeep made his way to see this temple, and once there his attention was drawn to a brick, one that he observed to be larger than the normal size brick. He took the brick home and showed it to Amma who asked him why he had brought it to Her. He replied that he felt it might help Her. Amma, upon taking it, clearly saw visible on the brick’s surface the figure of Lord Krishna holding a flute. Both Amma and Sandeep became exited upon noticing this image of Krishna. Amma, acting in a way that only the Divine can understand, embedded this unique brick - along with the brick blessed by Sai Baba - in the top portion of the pedestal of the Shirdi Sai idol, near His feet, in the sanctum sanctorum of the Shirdi Sai Mandir at Karekura built by Amma’s Trust. (Amma did this prior to the beginning of the mandir construction effort.)

Amma relates, in the following words, the significance of this brick and how it ties in with the previous Avataric incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, His desire for and the later fulfilment of the rising of a Krishna temple, and the confirmation of the Truth revealed in the Naadi Granthas slokas. Her words expose a hidden inner truth of which She has never previously spoken. Amma tells us, “Shirdi Sai Baba had wished to construct a Krishna temple. However, in its place a Shirdi Sai Samadhi was built.” Through Amma’s placement of the brick from the risen Venugopala temple upon the pedestal at the foot of Shirdi Sai idol in mandir on the grounds of Her own ashram, we see how both the Naadi Granthas sloka is fulfilled and how the wishes of Shirdi Sai Baba have been fulfilled. Thus do the previous Avatars “help in spreading the Truth of Amma.”

The illumination of the Truth of Divine Light shines even more brightly on these events as Amma shares further aspects of the Avatar’s “brick leela” with us! Amma quotes from the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Satcharitra (the book which tells of Shirdi Sai Baba’s incarnation) as follows:

“Shirdi Sai Baba was taking great care of the brick given to Him by Venkusa, as He would His own life. While sleeping He would keep it below His head. While sitting He would keep the brick by His side, keeping one hand on it. He used to say that it was a replica of His Guru. Then, on one Thursday in August 1918, Abdulla, who used to maintain the mosque and keep the lanterns clean, took the brick into his hand. At that point it fell down and broke into two pieces. Shirdi Baba, who arrived at the scene of the broken brick shortly afterwards, saw this and became very sad.

“Shirdi Baba said ‘what is broken is not the brick, it is My fortune that has broken into pieces. Throughout My life, all these years, it was a friend to Me. It was giving Me inner consolation. It was equal to My life. That has left Me today.’ So saying Baba cried. Through this incident Shirdi Baba indirectly hinted the truth that time was up to leave that body.”

Amma tells us that the breaking of this brick into two is symbolic of the fact that Shiva/Shakti would be born on earth in two forms at separate places: Hence signifying the Truth of the present time of Lord Sathya Sai and Goddess Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari, two forms of one Shiva/Shakti principle being in two different places.

At this junction let us recall the story related above concerning the blessing of the brick for the Shirdi Mandir at Amma’s ashram. When the Guntur devotee came to Amma and pleaded that he wanted to construct a Shirdi Sai Mandir at Amma’s Ashram, She gave Her permission for its construction. As we know from the recounting of these details offered above, he was instructed to first receive the blessing of Sai Baba, who was at that time staying at His ashram in Whitefield. Sai Baba was very clear in His wish to have this very symbolic brick to bless, for the interaction between Amma and Her devotee transpired as follows.

This discussion between this devotee and Amma took place during a Monday satsang at Amma’s abode. He asked Amma whether he should also take the plan (for the construction) to Sai Baba for His blessing. Amma had become involved in discussions with another devotee, and the answer as to what to take was not given. He therefore again asked Amma what he should take for Sai Baba’s blessings. Amma asked him to wait, so that She could first ask Sai Baba and then instruct him. Within two minutes, Sai Baba told Amma, “Send the brick with him.”

Following the guidance of Amma, the devotee travelled to Whitefield (as we learned earlier) with an entourage of Amma’s Trustees to seek Sai Baba’s blessings. The all knowing Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba came straight towards the brick, and after asking if this was the brick for “the Great Old Man’s Temple” He uttered these words: “Build the temple in perfection with devotion and pure mind. I will come.” He repeated these words three times and then proceeded to bless the brick with His Divine hand. With this the Avatar revealed the fulfilment of Truth!

The final points to note regarding these related events and their place in this most Divine Tapestry of Truth relate to the blessed soul who had been given the role as builder of this Shirdi Mandir at Amma’s ashram and the purpose for the Divine choreographing of this act in His play. For it is the very same soul of the prayaschitha – the very one responsible for the breaking in two of Shirdi Sai’s sacred brick – who was assigned the duty to build the Mandir in Karekura today! Amma tells us that Shirdi Sai, out of compassion and mercy, had condoned the action of the breaking of brick, and as a removal of the reaction of that mistake He motivated this Guntur devotee with the urge to construct the Shirdi Mandir in Amma’s ashram area. Hence the construction of this Mandir is the Divine Will of Shirdi Sai. Furthermore, Shirdi Sai chose the place of Amma since Amma is Shakti Herself. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in order to unite the two broken bricks into one at this time, had asked that only the brick for the Mandir be brought for His blessing. Amma tells us that the Avatar, in this incarnation, has willed that the two forms of Sai Baba and Amma – who are separated now – should unite into One. Such action is the key to ushering in of the Lokakalyana and all of its blessings to humanity.

Amma in Indonesia - Offering Darshan with the elements revealing the presence of Lord Shiva

All of creation is the tapestry of the Divine. Through the five elements the Holy principle reveals itself constantly to those who are aware. Such as the ocean of light that curls up to surround Amma, and the fire that dances from Her hands, so also do the elements take form to honour the Mother.